Based in Dublin, our qualified and experienced Corporate HR Consultants have significant expertise across all HR principles and are available to support companies in the private, public and charitable sectors. 

Our HR consultancy team understands the challenges that can arise with employees, managers, teams and individuals in different aspects of the business and have a track record in supporting companies in strategic planning, management and large-scale change programs. 
Whatever the size of your business, our team will support you in implementing HR practices that result in efficiency, improved results and a great employee experience. 


Business Transformation 
Businesses regularly go through large or small scale transformation or change. These transformations impact most aspects of the business, including essential functions such as innovation, finance, marketing, sales, human resources and operations. We can help you with employee consultations, handle sensitive individual issues and ensure that the right employees are appointed to the right roles. 
Employee Experience 
Creating a work environment where employees feel that they belong and “do their best work” can be a challenge. Our experienced HR Consultants will help you design and launch engagement surveys, identify ways to improve your company culture, define and implement a diversity & inclusion programme, conduct focus groups and significantly improve your employees’ long-term engagement. 
Talent Development & Coaching 
As qualified coaches we specialise in employee growth and development. We can help you conduct a training needs assessment and align your talent & business strategies. We can create training programmes tailored to your individual business needs and provide leadership and employee coaching. We also offer mentoring in a range of HR and leadership related areas. 
Rewards & Incentives 
Having an established culture of reward and recognition can have a significant positive impact on employee performance. It can also affect how engaged employees are and impact on their overall experience of the business. We can assist you with your reward management strategy, including annual pay reviews, designing bonus and incentive schemes, creating benefits packages and undertaking salary benchmarking. 
Performance Management 
Good performance management is critical for every business’ success. Employees need to understand what’s expected of them, and to achieve their goals they must be motivated, have the necessary skills, as well as the resources and support to aid them in being accountable. Our specialists will support you in all aspects, including monitoring, maintaining and improving employee performance in line with a business’ objectives. 
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We focus on YOU 
Our training and coaching services are designed to meet the needs of the individual and the business. 
For those looking to enhance their performance, we address a range of challenges including: 
Developing individuals for promotion to management roles 
Developing individuals for career changes 
Addressing poor leadership and management performance 
Managing change and conflict within teams 
Accelerating the development of high potential individuals 
Improving team dynamics and developing high performing teams 
If you wish to enhance your performance, improve your communication, broaden your thinking or just empower yourself to achieve your potential, then why not book a free coaching consultation to find out how we can help your business achieve better results 
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